KansasFest 2012

Posted by jrand on 21 August 2012 - 12:47am in

This story begins early in 2012. I was listening to the latest episode of Retro Computing Roundtable, a podcast about old computers, when they started talking about KansasFest. KansasFest is a gathering of Apple // enthusiasts which has been happening yearly for many years. The 2012 event would be their 24th and the hosts of the Retro Computing Roundtable announced on their podcast that they would all be attending.

Goodbye Grandma

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We miss you.


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At work one day, I walked past my director's desk and noticed he had an editor open and was typing some C code. That was strange (not as strange as it might be in other companies - our director definitely is capable of coding but generally doesn't). So I asked him what he was up to.

Matthew Learns to Type

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Matthew's handwriting leaves something to be desired. So does mine for that matter but it was becoming a problem at school. It was slowing him down and keeping him from getting his work done. The school suggested that he could have access to a laptop so he could type some of his work instead of writing it if only he could type quickly. Matthew needed to learn to type.

Steve Wozniak at iPhone 4S Launch

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I happened to be in Mountain View, CA for a short time on a business trip during the launch of the iPhone 4S. It was later in the day and I was thinking of leaving the office to get some dinner. Before I left though, I checked my news feeds to see if anything interesting was happening. That is when I read this article.

A Case for the Replica One

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I had already assembled my Replica One and powered it up to see that it worked. But, it was just a bare board. I had it connected to a power supply and a small USB keyboard. The Replica One didn't have USB so I had it connected through a USB to PS2 adaptor. The whole thing sat on top of a piece of cardboard. It worked but it looked more like a bomb from a movie than a working computer. It needed a case.

Summer Visiting

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This summer, we have had lots of visitors here in Ottawa and we have travelled ourselves to see friends and family. Cynthia's grandparents from Montreal came to visit early this summer and we all met for a wonderful dinner out. My mother came to visit for a weekend and Cynthia's dad and Nannette also were in town at the same. You can see some pictures at a park where many of us took turns on the swings.


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A short distance from our new house is a great tobogganing hill. So, we picked up a couple of sleds and took the kids a couple of times this winter. It is a reasonable walk for Matthew and I from the house to the hill. The walk becomes unreasonable when you end up having to carry Samantha and pull the sled though. The second time we went, we drove if only to avoid a cold walk back when everyone is tired.


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Months ago, Christmas Day came and went and although we took a few pictures I hadn't gotten anything up on the website. Until now. Matthew was very happy when he found a couple of Lego sets under the tree. But, he also got some other interesting toys like some Snap Circuits which lets you make simple electric circuits from some standardized snap-able pieces.

Building The Replica One

Posted by jrand on 4 January 2011 - 12:38am in

One of the last things I did before we moved back to Canada was order a Replica One computer. The Replica One is a reproduction of the original Apple I computer designed by Steve Wozniak back in 1976. Shipping it to Canada would have been more expensive and more of a hassle and I always wanted one so I bought the kit. But with the move, I left everything in the box until I was ready to work on it.

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